Little utility to add an event to Neutrinet's wiki 2015-07-07

In my broad quest to automatise/optimise everything boring in my life (and having great reason to procrastinate doing it), my latest victim was the action of adding an event to Neutrinet's wiki.

It's a stupid action, doesn't take that long, but it's plain boring and unfunny to do: it's on mediawiki using semantic form which gives a pretty bad UI. So it's annoying enough for me to procrastinate it for too long and I was also in need of finding a reason to procrastinate the other important things I was in need to do. I also wanted to test robobrowser which is a modern version of mechanize and that uses BeautifulSoup, a python html parsing lib that I really like.

Spoiler: robobrowser has now replaced mechanize for me, it's pretty cool and just do what I want in a nicer way than mechanize.

And because the other things I was procrastinating were boring (while kinda important), I took the time to make this script super nice and fancy.

Here its help page:

usage: add_event [-h] -d D [-m M] [--hour HOUR] [-y Y] [--min MIN]
                 [--location LOCATION] [-t TITLE]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -d D                  date (default: -)
  -m M                  month (default: -)
  --hour HOUR           hour (default: '7')
  -y Y                  year (default: -)
  --min MIN             minutes (default: '30')
  --location LOCATION   location (default: '123 rue royale 1000 Bruxelles
  -t TITLE, --title TITLE

A classical session (the event name is automatically created based on the wiki's data because it's also boring to do by hand):

$ add_event -d 24
I'm about to create the event 'Meeting 2015/10' on 19:30 24/7/2015 at '123 rue royale 1000 Bruxelles Belgique'
Continue? [Y/n]: 
Login into mediawiki:
Username: bram

I've also used argh which is, by far, my favourite and easier to use python lib to handle cli arguments.

Source code of the script: