News on Neutrinet and DIY ISP 2014-01-14

Neutrinet is an associative ISP (non-profit, volunteer-based, solidarity-driven and democratic) based on the model of FDN (French page is more complete that we are trying to build in Belgium.

Recent events:


At the 30C3, taziden gave a talk about DIY ISP in general, presenting what they are doing in France, with the general message that "there is a lot of initiatives like this, be we don't know each other, we don't talk to each other, that sucks".

After making him rewrite all his slides when he asked me for feedback before the talk, we decided to buy Good for us, taziden's talk has been an huge success (I couldn't even get into the room because it was full and also because I was late, as usual) and we've organised a meeting after that. The conclusion of this meeting is the launched of!

Feel free to join the party! Our next meeting will be at the FOSDEM 2014.

You can find the description of taziden's talk here and the VIDEO here. I highly recommand you to watch it.

You can find a more detailed summary of the event on the website of the FFDN (french version here).

Just before the 30C3, FFDN (or at least Gu1) release a great tool to map the existing DIY ISP initiatives:


Things are moving well on the Brussels side:

  • after a lot of pain, the Belgium administration have accepted our updates for our status, this will unblock a lot of our next steps (joining FFDN, asking LDN for the VPS etc...)

  • new people are showing up to the point that, for the first time, we have totally filled the meeting room.

  • we now have an active twitter account

  • if you want to give an hand, we'd like to translate our status in English and in Flemish

  • the next Neutrinet meeting will be during the FOSDEM probably after the DIY ISP meeting

Neutrinet at VJ14

VJ14 or "Are you being served?" was a feminist self hosting/DIY ISP/mesh network event by ConstantVZW.

There, I've made a presentation of Neutrinet (in English). You can watch the video here.

Other noticeable talks (in the context of this post, most of the talk are really worth watching):

Fact: it's the first tech event that I've attend where there was more woman than man.