Version 0.2 of the PipeToolKit 2011-11-02

I'm proud to announce you a new release of the PipeToolKit.

The PipeToolKit is a collection of small utilities to play with unix pipes and write new one. I use it a lot with ii, feedstail and other utilities to build highly customizable irc bots.

I've also add some documentation on the python template class I use to build those utils in the case you want to code your owns.


pip install pipetk

The pypi page.



  • pdetinyfy now works for urls inside a string

  • new script: puniqrt to try to eliminate duplications for tweets

  • new template to build pipes utils that works on the urls of a string

  • add premoveurls as en example script for the new template

  • new script: pcleanurls to remove useless tracking pieces of urls (like utm_* stuff)

  • various bug fixs

  • add doc on how to write new pipe utils