HolyGrail 0.2 Perceval 2011-04-06

I'm proud to announce you the release of the version 0.2 of HolyGrail, my next actions list management library.

You can downloaded it here or via pypi:

sudo easy_install -U holyview

Since this new version introduce modification in the API and therefore possible incompatibility with previous code design for the previous version of the lib, I've decide to move from 0.1.* to 0.2.*.


  • API change: now every list_* methods return a generator, not a list. This increase the performances.
  • API change: last_completed_missions return only 5 missions by default, an argument can increase this number
  • fix a bug with quest and realm "get_missions" method that won't return any missions if the quest/realm is hidden

For a short summary, HolyGrail is a library designed to manage a list of next actions (a todo list) in the GTD's way. I've chosen to write a documented library to offer everyone the possibility to write it's own interface instead of imposing mine. The organisation of the actions are in the GTD's way: todos are group in contexts (realms) and can me member of a project (quest).

I'm planning to release shortly (lulz) an ncurse interface for HolyGrail. I just want to finish some things before (having a browsable help).

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