HolyCurse 0.1 2011-04-17


I'm proud to announce the first release of HolyCurse, a ncurses interface to HolyGrail my GTD lib.

Being a first release, not all the feature of holygrail.html are supported. This doesn't prevent me from using it daily. Here is a list of the features:

  • ncurse interface with a bunch of vim spirit
  • include documentation for all the commands, press "?"
  • support missions (todos), realms (contexts) and quests (projects) in a minimalist way
  • missions can be: created in various ways, tickled (limited options), deleted, renamed, due (limited options), toggled, completed and recreated, transform into a new quest, assigned to a quest and changed of realm
  • when a mission include in a quest is completed, the user is asked to enter the next mission description
  • display a "|" for each week has passed since the creation of a mission
  • realms can be: created, hide, renamed and have their positions changed
  • display the super main view
  • display a realm view
  • is full of data love and magic

Hope you'll loved hit. Don't hesitate to send me feedback/bugs reports.