Some data pr0n about the Gallo's report and the wd12 2010-09-25

I’m becoming more and more addict to data pr0n threw time. My last victim is the Gallo report. It sadly have been adopt. It basically prepare the field in Europe for ACTA (wikipedia). Since the written declaration 12 against ACTA have just been adopt, I was interested in how much MEPs were schizophrenic enough the sign the wd12 and vote for the Gallo’s report.

Here is the first graphic. A comparison between Gallo’s report vote and the wd12 signatories, party oriented:

A more general one about the Gallo’s report vote (abstention aren’t showed):

And countries oriented graphics (abstention in grey):

If you want to made an analyse you can take a look at wd12 graphics and wd29 (against internet) graphics.

A detailed comparison list between wd12 and Gallo’s report can be found here but it is not intent to be spread (understand: this is quick’n dirty work).