Readabilty, make the web readable again 2010-10-09

I've just discover readability, a bookmarklet that clean a web page to only display the text in a very lisible format. I was something I was looking since a long time.

Here is a example with my configuration:



To install it, you can simply follow the instructions in the (in flash, meh.) video on the readability website. But, if you are using vimperator, here is simple manipulation to integrate it:

Go into your ~/.vimperator/plugin/ (or create it if you don't have it), then:


(Found here)

Open the script, read a little bit to know the options you want and add them into your ~/.vimperatorrc.

Here are mines:

javascript readabilityStyle = "apertura"
javascript readabilitySize = "large"
javascript readabilityMargin = "wide"
javascript readabilityBackground = "#000"
javascript readabilityColor = "#aaa"

To finish, restart firefox.

The command is :readability. You can also add a map:

:map v :readability<cr>

(v, isn't used by vimperator)

I was looking to recreate my terminal appearance. I found it pleasant for my eyes.

I'm happy to see that readability doesn't nearly change anything on my website. It nearly create the css I would have done if I wasn't so lazy.

Hope you'll enjoy this script.