First release of HolyGrail, 0.1 Galahad 2010-10-08


I am proud to announce you the first release of HolyGrail ! This is the version 0.1 Galahad (knights of the round table !).

But, what is HolyGrail ? It’s an hight level lib to manage the holy quest of your life ! In other words, it’s an hight level lib to manage a next actions list (organisation, todo etc…) in the sens of the GTD. This way you can easily build your own interface, switch from different interface and write scripts.

This first release manage:

  • missions (todos) with description, tickler, due date, wait for previous missions, tags, creation and completion date and other.
  • quests (projects) with description, completion, creation/completion date, due date, hide possibility and other. A quest is composed of missions.
  • realms (contexts) with description, creation date, hide possibility, position organisation and other. A realms is a group of missions.

For a more complete description of HolyGrail (with links to documentations, code, pypi etc…) go here.

You can install HolyGrail via pypi:

easy_install holygrail